Monday, July 21, 2008

Mix #23 - A mix for ME!

Creator: Andrew Craig
Occupation: Photographer/Server
Theme: Un-themed (kind of)
Title: A mix for Andrew by Andrew

So after a week off, I received two mixes from Andrew Craig. If you are new or don't remember his previous mixes check them out HERE.

Many times when we are talking about mix tapes they have an expressed purpose - an intent. The intent is usually based on what we want the listener to get out of the mix. So that is the simple equation:

target audience + intended message = a unique group of songs

The songs you choose are then supposed to cause some kind of action (or emotion). That is why mixes are often created at the beginning of relationship, at the end of relationships, someone moving away, graduations. The big events. The events you feel like you need to define.

So what happens in the iPod era? We are creating mix tapes (playlists) for everything. We are creating them because we are "On-The-Go". It is easier. There is less searching, seemingly less consideration. A mix because it is easy. So what are we left with?

A bunch of really kick-ass, "this-is-what-I-have-been-listening-to-and-I-am-going-to-burn-a-copy-for-my-next-road-trip-and-give-one-to-mixtapes-because-they-need-it" type of mixes -- and that is what we have today.


Song - Artist
1) Letters from Home - DJ Shadow
2) Badxson Fire - Brian Eno
3) Stephanie Knows - LOVE
4) Diamonds in the Mind - Leonard Cohan
5) Such a Night - Dr. John
6) The Contenders - The Kinks
7) Mrs. Henry - Bob Dylan
8) Congo Drums - Jonathan Richman
9) Simply Shady - George Harrison
10) Howling for my Body - Howlin' Wolf
11) Just the right Bullet - Tom Waits
12) Cobwebs - The Who
13) Bonaparte's Retreat - Willie Nelson
14) Don't just do Something - Spiritulized
15) Happy Trails - Quicksilver Messaging Company