Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Recommends #7

It is time again when the Monday Night Mix Tapes home offices offer you a piece of gold to put in your pipe and smoke.

Co-writing credit goes to Thom Snowden. If you haven't checked it out, you can find his mix here.

1) Bonnaroo: Its that time of the year again, kids. It will be hot, sweaty, sticky, expensive, with an arguably shitty line up. So why go? Because Bonnaroo is completely lawless. It is to music fans what Tangiers, Morocco was to the Beat writers - only instead of doing opium and sleeping with 15 year old boys you will be doing hallucinogens and listening to a seemingly endless stream of music . . . with people that are into jam bands.
I know, I know, I know, it sounds like this combo might ruin your well-crafted buzz, but when I went, my trip started with a van load of shirtless neo-hippies playing drums right next to my tent - then they disappeared for three days - and on the last day one of the guys reappeared as I woke up. He was standing on top of his van, free-style gasta rapping at everyone on the ground about murder and jewelry and had a very fresh new tattoo of a fully grown oak tree on his back.
So I guess what I am trying to say is that Bonnaroo is a place of experimentation and growth and sometimes you come as one person and leave as another. . . an acorn to an oak tree. . . which is good, because so many of those people suck at life.

2) Turning in applications via the internet: Many things about the digital age sucks. Nothing is personal, and our attention spans have decreased to a point where goldfish are going to start telling us where we left our keys - seriously when was the last time you applied for a job in your underwear? Never- that's when. Revel in that shit.

3) Spending time with your internet friend "craigslist": What an age we live in! With the click of a mouse you can get a flat screen TV or an erotic message for a reasonable price. The downside? I can't see one. . . I see many. . . But I won't notice because I will be watching my brand new Bravio Television while getting a happy ending. SNAP!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mix #18 - Books & Authors

Creator: Thom Snowden
Occupation: Man of the People
Theme: Literature
Title: Books & Authors

This is a theme I always had on reserve in my head. I think it is because mix tapers and readers are a cross-over crowd. It always seem when I am out and start talking about music, books will eventually come up. Does it go hand in hand? Maybe so? I know I like albums better than just listening to a single song, and I equate it with reading just a single chapter of a book. You don't get the whole message, right? Or at least you don't see the whole intent.

Anyway, Thom explains it as follows:

Honestly, I don't like most of the songs. Originally I wanted to do all metal songs about Hemingway, which would be brilliant. I started to find other songs that I thought would mix well then decided to keep them. For example: The opening clip is from the film adaptation of Lolita. It is an amazing scene from the movie and I love albums with sound clips in them. Then, I found Bloodhag. They are a band that only writes songs about books. I read that when they perform live, they throw books at the audience. This is too good to leave out. There are some really crappy songs, too. The Pat Benatar and Metallica songs suck, for example. But, I like Hemingway and I liked Wuthering Heights. So, I decided to include them. Kate Bush, a really annoying singer/ song writer, did the original version of Wuthering Heights, but I hate her more than I hate Pat Benatar. I have, in the end, put together a mix that probably ninety percent of real music lovers would hate. But, I hope that you find some kind of fun in it.

Also, Thom broke the Metallic seal. I knew it would happen sooner or later. It is good timing though. They are on their way to Tennessee right now to be one of the headliners at Bonnaroo. I can't wait to see the washed up jam band's fans mingle with the washed up metal band's fans. The stink will be superb and the clashing of the fonts on their T-shirts will be nauseating!

Enjoy! It is a good mix!

Books & Authors

Song - Artist

1) Quility as Charged - From Lolita movie based on Nabakov's novel.

2) Edgar Allen Poe - Bloodhag

3) Children's Crusade - Destroy.

4) Bukowski - The DTs

5) The Jungle - Frozen Inertia.

6) Bukowski - Improv Logic.

7) Heart of Darkness - Mission to Burma.

8) Sound and Fury - Youth Brigade.

9) Wuthering Heights - Pat Benatar.

10) Guardian Angel - Wordsworth.

11) Moby Dick - Led Zepplin.

12) Old Man and the Sea - The Fucking Wrath.

13) For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica.

Books and Authors