Monday, September 29, 2008

Mix #27 - Friends and Lovers

Creator: Michelle
Occupation: Artist; Music LOVER
Theme: Lovers that know how to play music
Title: Friends and Lovers

Holy Shit is this is a new mix! Yes, it is – and it is a doozy.

We have had 26 mixes with many different themes, but this one is the most personal and intriguing.

Michelle offers up a mix titled “Friends and Lovers.”

Simply the theme is: Everyone on this mix is someone that is a friend or a lover. For the sake of public anonymity we won’t say who is who or which is which, but I will say that are more lovers than friends on this list, the friends were added in after the original mix was completed to so that you “the listener” would have to try to figure it out – and Michelle said it would be ok to contact her to ask questions; try to guess or hear the stories. If the conversations are good, maybe they will make the comments.

Email Michelle at:

My first thought was “What a theme?” then it was “ You have fucked enough musicians to make a mix” and then it was “Oh, you didn’t fuck 'them'?“ and then it was "isn’t the term Rock & Roll a 20’s slang for sex in the first place?”
I am always looking for that type of convergence on this blog – and never really get it! Here is some info about the origins of the phrase “Rock & Roll”:

Three different songs with the title "Rock And Roll" were recorded in the late 1940s, and the phrase was in constant use in the lyrics of R&B songs of the time. The phrase was also included in advertisements for the film Wabash Avenue, starring Betty Grable and Victor Mature.
Before then, the phrase "rocking and rolling", as secular black slang for dancing or sex, appeared on record for the first time in 1922 on Trixie Smith's "My Man Rocks Me With One Steady Roll". Even earlier, in 1916, the term "rocking and rolling" was used with a religious connotation, on the phonograph record "The Camp Meeting Jubilee" by an unnamed male "quartette".[2] The word "rock" had a long history in the English language as a metaphor for "to shake up, to disturb or to incite". In 1937, Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald recorded "Rock It for Me," which included the lyric, "So won't you satisfy my soul with the rock and roll." "Rocking" was a term used by black gospel singers in the American South to mean something akin to spiritual rapture. By the 1940s, however, the term was used as a double entendre, ostensibly referring to dancing, but with the sub textual meaning of sex, as in Roy Brown's "Good Rocking Tonight."

There you have it! From the beginning to Elvis to the backstage parties after 80’s hair metal bands – getting it on has always been linked to the phrase rock and roll

Enjoy the mix and send one if you want see more posted. I have received a handful of emails about people telling me their ideas. The ideas are great – you just have to make the mix. Keep the project going!

Here is the mix:

Friends & Lovers
Song - Artist

1) Sour Mash - Cory Branan
2) Red Door - The Thugs
3) Only the Lonely Devil Knows - These United States
4) Devil - Caleb Stine and the Brake Men
5) (I just want to ) be your man - Magical, Beautiful
6) So Desperate - The Mountain Goats
7) South Electric Eyes - The Legendary Shack Shakers
8) Trump Style - Kimya Dawson
9) A song for Henry Darger - Karl Blau
10) My Autograph - James Farrell
11) Better - Tigers Con Queso
12) I Want a Train - Jamey Wood
13) Motherfucker - Bobby Bare Jr.
14) Better Before You Were Big Time - Ted Russell Kamp
15) The Way You Needed Love - The Coalmen
16) Last Wish - Ballhog!
17) 1981 (or Waving at you as we part at light speed will look like I am standing still - Adam Arcuragi
18) Americana is a Faggot Word That Only Faggots Use - Gabe Zander
19) My Only Friend - The Mother Truckers
20) Slow Down Chicago - Canasta
21)Lips of an Angel - Hinder
22) Betelgeuse - Far Rad
23) Right On Down - Shake It Like a Caveman

Friends and Lovers