Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mix #26 - At a Loss for Words

Creator: Jesse Chula
Occupation: Inside Advertising Sales
Theme: Instrumental
Title: At a Loss for Words

Jesse delivers. This tape came in late last week - and I have had this post ready for about 3 days - sorry to keep you guys waiting. . .

This is a mix I have been waiting for since the I first started posting mixes. When decided to request/post mixes I had a couple of ideas for mixes I hoped I would get, and this is one of them.
I am not the biggest fan of instrumental tracks. I suppose that is because I am lyrics person - it is the same reason I can be a fan of old shitty recordings, and super lo-fi music - but without lyrics we get to write our own stories. Without lyrics it is easier for every listener to get a different experience. Couple that with the fact that by making a mix tape you are are taking any influence the author of the song had by placing in a specific order on the original album, and you seem to have more control on altering the songs meaning. I think it leads to a mix tape whose intent is uniquely decided by the listener.

Special Note: Judy is a Dick Slap is my second favorite dirty intramental track title - a close second right behind, "Lick my Love Pump" from Spinal Tap. In D minor - the saddest of all keys.

This mix is from Jesse Chula who sent in a mix near the very beginning of the blog. It is good to get another mix from him! Thanks, Jesse.

Anyway onwards!


At A Loss For Words
Song - Artist
1) Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick - Arctic Monkeys
2) Judy is a Dick Slap - Belle & Sebastian
3) You Still Believe in Me - M.Ward
4) Life in Technicolor - Coldplay
5) Two Bass Hit - Miles Davis
6) Time is Tight - The Clash
7) In the Deep Shade - The Frames
8) Three Way - The Magnetic Fields
9) Midtown - Tom Waits
10)Fuckin' in the Bushes - Oasis
11) Glasgow Mega-Snake - Mogwai
12) Georgia Vs. Yo La Tengo - Yo La Yengo

At a Loss for Words