Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recommends #2

Monday Night Mix Tapes would like to recommend:

1) Beards: We are not talking about neck beards, chin straps, or mutton chops. And not mustaches. Mustaches are always ironic when you are under 35. Even if you don't know it. Unless you are a grit.
I once made eye contact with a guy in his 20's with a SERIOUS mustache. He came into the bar looking like Matthew McConaughey and asking for a paper towel and a ginger ale, because his girlfriend was puking in the car-- he was smiling the whole time. Making eye contact with him was was like staring into Abraham Lincoln's soul -- and you know what Abe Lincoln had? -- a beard.
Beards are nature's mask, grow one and stop being such a little pussy.

2) Audio books on a long car ride: Especially recommended if you are traveling to see music. I mean really how greedy are your ears? Listen Ears, let the brain have a little room once in a while. You get concerts, conversation, sweet nothings. . .
We have been shitting on the brain since before high school. I am sure you can find an audio book read by Morgan Freeman. The Ears love Morgan Freeman.

3) Going for it!: I mean what are you afraid of? What that you will fail? You fail all the time. You do. If you weren't always so stoned you would notice. I say buck up and do it. I mean what is the worst that could happen? Oh, you could die? I mean, aren't you a little dead on the inside already? I thought so.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mix #12 - Your City

Creator: Jesse Chula
Occupation: Inside Advertising Sales
Theme: Your City
Title: That Manchester Sound

I don't know much about Manchester. I don't know much about these bands. I couldn't have made this mix.
Good thing Jesse did. I like the concept. Music as place. While people don't always think about it in those terms, some music just sounds distinctly related to a region. You'll hear people say a track sounds "Detroit" or a rap album is very "Atlanta." It is just typical for a city to develop a nationally recognizable sound.

I know this I live in Nashville.

This is from Jesse the creator:
Sooner or later the World’s first Industrialized city would get it right. Most of us love the Cities we live in for one reason or another. Why shouldn’t we? It’s home right? Well certain cities are known for different things, and besides their famous sports teams, Manchester, England has always been known for its music. The “Madchester” scene was born in the 80’s with bands like The Smiths, and The Stone Roses. The following short mix tape highlights bands from Manchester and surrounding areas. Although each song doesn’t mention Manchester by name, each song was carefully selected due to certain references of a city, place, area, or other facet of the Manchester, or English culture.

Since I am the one putting it online, I have already heard the mix. I dug it. Thanks for sending it in! Just a warning, someone might try to bust your ass for excluding Joy Division... you know how their fans get!
Monday Night Mixtapes

NOTE 1: With the influx of mix tapes in the mail, I will be posting another entry later this week. Check back!

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1. Late for the Train- The Buzzcocks
2. Irish Blood, English Heart- Morrissey
3. Part of the Queue- Oasis
4. The Headmaster Ritual- The Smiths
5. Shadows of Salford- Doves
6. Mersey Paradise- Stone Roses
7. At Home He’s a Tourist- Gang of Four
8. Station Approach- Elbow
9. Back to the Old House- The Smiths
10. Avenue of Hope- I Am Kloot