Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Rap/Folk Beef

Hey Mix-tapers,

Here are two links to cellist (and mondaynightmixtapes favorite) Ben Sollee's "beef" song about Kayne West.

Check what people are say here and here.

After you read you can download the track and listen HEAR!

Is this song being received the way it was intended? Who knows, but Andy Warhol said: "Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches."

Check out Ben's newest release: Learning to Bend.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

People in my neighborhood #1

This is a little segment where I will factually a describe situation that took place between me and someone that lives in my neighborhood.

So there I was. . . at the bar the other night and one of those troll-like-drunk-60-year-old men, who went by the handle, "K-Mart" was talking to the girls that we were with about Vietnam and black jet pilots being an impossibility in his mind and then he got to me. He patted my belly and before he could say anything I said, "Before you say anything you should check out this (motions to upper arm) because I have been working out" he said, "I am the best God Damn street fight in East Nashville." The way he said it I knew it was quite possibly true and I could find out anytime I pleased. This ended the interaction. When were leaving he was singing Tootsie-Roll and telling the bartender who was obviously working to "get a god damn job."

Also, I was down at the park yesterday and as I passed a 12 year old boy with a Gumby-Kid&Play haircut and HE said, to ME, "Nice Hair, Fag" and then laughed at me. I am not sure what gay hair looks like, but I am pretty sure my hair is straight, and far more straight than a haircut from a 90's party movie on a little boy. What's next? Are his parents going to dress him like Sinbad and make him get Cross-Color shoes? I had nothing to say so I just kept on my way.
Right near the house a bumble bee flew up my shorts, but you can relax because it didn't get the "honey" and I made it home safely.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mix #22 - Happy Birthday America

This Mix is a little out of format. It was just a quick little collection of songs about America. Things here at the Home Offices are chaotic and I wanted to get something up to celebrate the America's birthday. Special thanks to Matt Smith and Nelle Blevins for contributing some of the song choices.

I have been having technical issues all day, so there are a few songs that I wanted on the list that might be stuck somewhere in the internet.

The forth of July is a day where people celebrate freedom and America by getting drunk off shitty beer and blowing stuff up - which is probably pretty close to how the founding fathers spent their time, only they were probably banging chicks too... and owning slaves, but I don't think we are suppose to talk about that part anymore.

Yesterday a shirtless, mulleted homeless man came up to a group of us in the street and bummed a cigarette. When he turned around he is ass was hanging out. As he was walking away I yelled, "Your ass crack is showing" and he yelled back, "Crack kills motherfucker." And then sprinted up the street. There is some legit freedom in that little transaction. Happy Birthday America!