Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mix #25 - Songs that Were Stuck in my Head

Creator: Nicola Gillan
Occupation: Researcher
Theme: The Playlist Mix
Title: Songs that were stuck in my head in July. . . But I am totally over them now!

Although, we are lagging, temporarily, on timely posts here is a good one. I have some work that mixes are on their way to me, so I think Mondays will start working out again.

Send them in guys/gals.

Enjoy this mix!

1) I am a Scientist - Guided By Voices
2) Know by Heart - American Analog Set
3) Trees Lay Be - Josephine Foster
4) Papillion - Rilo Kiley
5) Plus One - Okkervil River
6) Shiver - Coldplay
7) Gone, Gone, Gone - Alison Krauss and Robert Plant
8) I thought I saw your Face Today - She & Him
9) Waiting to Know You - Fiery Furnaces
10) Red - Okkervil River
11) Here's the Thing - Girltalk
12) An Experiment - Mates of States
13) I wish I was the Moon - Neko Case