Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recommends #5

Monday Night Mixtapes Recommends:

1) Eating Outside: Down side: Too Hot, Bugs, and the Sun in your eyes. Up Side: Feeling like a human being while eating.

2) Crazy People: Case 1: Nashville - Homeless man wearing a Michael Jackson-esque Thriller jacket walks up to me looking for money. When I give him change, he does a spin move and then the splits, then pops up and then leaves.

Case2: San Fransisco - A man hitting on two young hot woman on a bus wearing a bright red kimono and wielding a half loaf of bread tied to his backpack with rope. Duration - 20 minutes. Actually asks them to sleep with him.

Case 3: Cincinnati - A retired Vet in a wheel chair trades pulls from his cheap ass bottle of whiskey for change. Ups the ante but setting you up with woman on the street while drinking his whiskey for a dollar. Method of getting you a date? Pointing at you and asking woman if they want dick.

Why do I recommend it? - Because crazy people are human art. For free. And they are everywhere!

3) Ingenuity: It is cleverness that has been kicked in the nuts.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mix #15 - Drink, Drank, Drunk

Creator: Cory Popp
Occupation: Film Student
Theme: Drinking
Title: Drink, Drank, Drunk

The first tape!

I haven't seen Cory in a long time, but he was quick to send in a tape. A real, analog, cassette tape. The package showed up in a manila envelop covered in beer labels. When I opened the package and dumped it on the counter, a confetti of beer caps, pop tops, and corks came pouring out. There was a perfect aesthetic to this delivery method.
Inside the tape was packaged in a DYI case that was crafted from old beer 12 pack cases. The track list was inked on the back of a 6 pack. The following was written on the inside of a Stella case:

When to listen to this tape:
To and from the liquor store, when drowning your sorrows after a long day, during happy hour, at AA meetings, at keggers!!!, when your drunk girlfriend shows up at your house unexpectedly to tell you she is going into rehab, and any and all other times, because really, when are you sober
The whole presentation was fantastic, and that is a big part of delivering a mix tape.

The last time I saw Cory, we watched this amazing piece of video.

Here is the music. Enjoy - Have a drink!

Drink, Drank, Drunk
Song - Artist

Side A
1) To Drunk to Dream - Magnetic Fields
2) Drunk - Silkworm
3) Punks in the Beer Light - Silver Jews
4) Jockey Full of Bourbon - Tom Waits
5) Makers - Rocky Votolato
6) Bacardi - Nada Surf
7) Drunk & Hot Girls - Kayne West
8) Kiss the Bottle - Jawbreaker
9) Black Flag - Six Pack

Side B
1) Crooked Fingers - New Drink for the Old Drunk
2) Wined & Dined - Syd Barrett
3) A History of Drunks - Melvins
4) Lived in Bars - Cat Power
5) Fucked Up - Dead Prez
6) La Fin du Monde - The Dirtbombs
7) Kitchen Floor - The Broadways
8) Luna de Margarita - Devendra Banhart
9) O'rouke's, 1:20am - Good Life
10) Absinthe Party at the Honey Warehouse