Monday, October 13, 2008

Recent Purchases Vol. 2

Here is a little list of music that is newly purchased:

1) Rodriguez - Cold Fact ---- I got turned on to this record by Andrew down at The Groove in Nashville. NPR did a little story on it recently. The album was recorded in late 1969 and soon after both Rodriguez and the album disappeared. It has been recently reprinted and is totally worth it. Check it out. If you are in Nashville The Groove has vinyl.

2) Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue --- I was worried about this one. I really liked the first album quite a bit and was curious whether it could be duplicated or exceeded without The Watson Twins' help. After my first listen I am not sure what I think. There are some gems on there for sure, but I might have wanted her to not change her sounds at all. . . and well. . . she changed. I think it is worth a listen and I also think it is a grower.

3) Home Schooled: The ABCs of Kid Soul - This is a compilation released by The Numero Group. If you are not familiar with this label they find lost music (usually based on a genera) gather it up and release it as a compilation. The ABCs of Kid Soul was all recorded around the time The Jackson 5 were blowing up. Every small label tried their hand at creating a Jackson 5. All of these tracks have been rolling around in obscurity for a decades. I believe they were all recorded by kids between 12 and 17. Check this album out, and check this label out.

4) Otis Redding - Live at Whiskey A Go-Go
Otis Redding - The Soul Album
---- I picked up both of these albums after the reprint for less than they were actually worth. I suppose there isn't so much to say about it. If you don't know Otis Redding go out now and buy a record, go outside and blast it at night and drink a bottle of wine. You will be hooked from then on. These two records are excellent records to start with!

5) Eddie Bo - In the Pocket with Eddie Bo --- I have been looking for a record from this guy for a long time. I was hanging out up in Newport KY a couple of years ago catching up with old friends and Eddie Bo was the background for the evening. In the Pocket with. . . is a new release that collects a sampling of music that spans Bo's entire career. I enjoyed this record but it didn't live up to the memory of that first unfindable record I heard. Anything by Bo is recommended!