Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sneak Previews

Mix Tapers,

As music fans you guys should check out the All Song Considered Sneak Preview page HERE.

It all streams... and it is out a couple of days early... and since we, here at Monday Night Mixtapes are all about streaming audio we thought we would share the love.

Bob Boilen can be a kind of lame, but I bet you can push through!



TonyN said...

The All Songs Considered podcast is very awesome, indeed. I enjoy it greatly.

But, back off Bob, sir. Sure he's a bit drab, but give the guy some credit. After 18 years of directing All Things Considered, he convinced the Powers at NPR--players of opera and news--to fund this little pop music venture. It has been very successful and non-radio-friendly music is certainly the better for it. So, cut Bob some slack, bub!

What became of the likely lad? said...

much love to Bob,.